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Also known as Brea of Zeng or Bree Victoria, Bree Daniels is a Navite American Teen Porn Star and Nude model. Started at the age of 19 (2010), Bree has a long impressive experience on pornography and is credited for about 170 films. She has a silky smooth skin, perfectly round titties, exceptionally plump soft nipples, and a curvy ass - qualities that infuse her bed scenes with substantial amount of seduction!

Bree Daniels is a constantly evolving Porn Star that is open to do any sexual act imaginable. In fact she has made a Virtual Reality Porn Video with HologirlsVR where she showcased her extreme sensual behavior and her Hardcore personality. This sexual prowess is really an irresistible spitfire that can make your heads blown away! Bree rides and sucks cocks like it's her last time - a trademark of an extraordinary TEEN sex machine!

In addition, She is a Penthouse pet and has received multiple nominations and awards from AVN and other Adult Media recognizing bodies. Bree Daniels is a flexible Adult actress like most Virtual Reality porn teens and can do anything in the name of sex!

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Date of Birth: 18/11/2016 | Birthplace: Montana, USA | Country of origin: USA | Ethnicity: Caucasian/Native American | Height: 168 | Weight: 51 | Breast Size: 34C | Hair color: Red/Blonde | Eye color: Green

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