About Chanel Preston

Also known as Chanel Peyton, Chanel Preston is from Alaska. And she is working hard to compensate for all of those cold winter nights of her youth. Chanel one of the wildest VR porn stars you can find. She started performing in front of the cameras at the age of 24 and steadily rise to pornography stardom. She has a round titties that fit perfectly in your hands. And a warm pussy that is always willing to accommodate all of your sexual desires. Her glances and stares are too compelling that you would like to pull your pants off and fuck her on that very moment.

Chanel Preston has skillful hands that prefer to hold and play hard cocks (Best Hands [aka Puppeteer of the Year] by Spank Bank). She always wears sexy lingerie to expose her curves, mouth-watering ass and pink nipples. She truly has the attributes every man dreams to drill and lick. In fact, It can be seen in this Virtual Reality Porn video - where you can feel her presence like she's just sitting in front of you - you can almost taste and feel her!

She has done hundreds of films in her 6 years of pornography, and has been nominated multiple times on different XXX awards. Chanel Preston dreams to be a successful actress in the future which we believe is easily within reach.

Chanel Preston Stats

Date of Birth: 01/12/1985 | Birthplace: Fairbanks, Alaska | Country of origin: USA | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Height: 173 | Weight: 59 | Breast Size: 32D | Hair color: Brown | Eye color: Brown

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