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“The girl with the coffin on her chest”, Rachel is a Canadian international model, showgirl and an awesome adult entertainer. She has a huge bust with pink soft nipples that compels both men and women to fuck and play with her body on their sex scenes. She always wants to use her sexy lips, soft hands and playful tongue to take control of every sexcapades she’s in. Her tattoos truly reflects her fierceness and hardcore personality.  As a dynamic porn star she enjoys being fucked on her big tight ass by either a hard cock or a glass dildo like what her friend Mia did on this Lesbian VR Video.

As a young adult she is taking serious effort to rule the adult industry and other forms of media. She started modelling at the age of 14 and took various projects from different famous advertising and worked for famous brand names. Recently, she was named as one of the sexiest tattoo models of 2015She was also known for her remarkable performance on films like Not for the Saving (2014), Follow Me (2015) and Product of Influence.

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Date of Birth: 20/01/1990 | Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Country of origin: | Ethnicity: | Height: 5' 11" | Weight: 140 lbs | Breast Size: | Hair color: Blonde | Eye color: Green

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